Best carrier for your sustained-release formulation in a unique quality, based on a highly controlled and certificated manufacturing process.

Due to the unique manufacturing process the pharm-a-spheresTM sugar spheres have the advantage of high sphericity and high mechanical strength in comparison to similar products. The pharm-a-spheresTM sugar spheres are conform to international pharmacopoeias as the Ph.Eur. and the USP/NF.

According to the monographs they are made of the indifferent and natural ingredients sucrose and corn (maize) starch. An FDA drug master file (DMF) is available.

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Basic for your medicine free of excipients and preservatives and available in nearly every size for your production.

Globuli are an inert (unimpregnated) carrier for homoeopathic preparations.

Globuli sacchari are conform to the HAB (German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia) and consist of pure sucrose.

For special applications we also offer globuli produced according to Hahnemann's recipe (sucrose and starch), sugar-free globuli (xylitol or xylitol/calcium carbonate) and globuli conform to the French pharmacopoeia (sucrose and lactose).

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